Promise Ranch Ministries

"Spurring Children to find their identity in Christ"

Eco Pack

This package includes a Nature Walk to discover various trees and plants and maybe even animal tracks, Ecosystem Discovery time in the pond. This is an opportunity to get a little wet and see just what lies beneath the surface. A visit to our Petting Zoo we'll introduce you to our critters and some fun facts and information about each animal. Your group will round out the day with a little Fossil Hunting down in the hollow.


Field Trips

Pioneer Days

Pioneer Days are open dates to schedule your school or group for Field Trips to Promise Ranch. Fees and activities vary depending on your group size. We have Several Packages to choose from, or you may call us and customize your trip. Field Trips are generally from 9:30am to 1:30pm in April and May and again in Sept and Oct.  Please call the office for dates and availability.

History Pack

This package includes a Nature walk down an Old Stage Coach Road where our group will hear tales of the history of the farm, The Underground Rail Road and the Le nape Indian tribe. We will visit the petting zoo and learn about fleece and test your pioneer skills; carding and spinning wool, butter making and more. After lunch your group will have an opportunity to get to know some of our the horses, petting, grooming them and learning about the history of horses.


Extreme Fun Pack

This pack will get your Physical Education Hours in:  Starting off with Target Sports: Archery, Sling shots, and Giant Sling shot competitions. We will keep their energy up with Extreme Field Games and Octoball.


Lunch is not provided. Please bring bag lunches. A refrigerated space will be provided. We will schedule a 45 min lunch time into your visit.

You may add other activities to your trip for an additional fee:

Wagon rides - $2.00 each person/group
Kayaking in the pond- $2.00 each person/group
Horse Rides- $5.00 each person/group
Campfire with S'mores $1.00 each person/group

Please note that if you choose to add activities we may have to edit the package chosen; call for details.

Cowboy Pack

This Pack is designed for our younger visitors with preschoolers in mind. Get your best cowboy gear on and come for day of fun. Visit the petting zoo and gear up for rodeo competitions, stick horse barrel race, pole bending competition, Trick roping and more.


Field trip fees:

Groups 25 or less  $10.00 per person (min 10 people)
Groups 25 - 50      $  9.00 per person
Groups 50-75        $  8.00 per person
Groups 75-100      $  7.00 per person

Groups 100+   Call to Book