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The Team

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Pastor David L. Rowe
Mrs. Tandi Rowe 

David and Tandi founded the ministry

in 2015 answering God's call to

use their farm to minister to

children and their families.

David serves as the Executive Director and

Pastor of Ministries. 

He oversees all aspects of the Ranch.

Tandi serves as Office Manager, Camp Store Manager, Website and Media, Camp Craft Lady and wherever she can be of help.

Co- Program Directors

Logan Kauffman and Faith Ebersole

Faith Pundock

Office Assistant

Faith Pundock has been serving for a year and is a true blessing to Promise Ranch. Faith helps in the Office two days a week but is willing to be here if we need her.  She is retired and was looking for a place to serve.

Her Cheerful spirt is inspiring to all!

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