Some Activities offered at Promise Ranch:

 Please note activities differ depending on the event, open house, camps, field trips, etc...

We will continue adding activities as we grow.

Equine & Animal Related:

Trail Rides

Horse Rides

Riding Lessons

Ground Lessons

Horse knowledge

Mini pony dress-up

Critter Corral (Petting Zoo)

Bible time with the animals

Games etc.

Gaga Ball

Giant Sling Shots

Sling Shot shooting Range


Team Builder Challenge course

Bounce House

Kayaking and Canoeing


Wagon Rides


Educational Activities:

Discovery Pond Time

Horses 101

Nature Hike

Survivor Skills

Candle Making

Butter Making

Critters 101

Biblical Activities:

Bible Blast time

Bible Showdown

Bible time with the animals


We strive to be purposeful with all our activities,

relating all that we can back to Christ.