Our Staff Members

David Rowe

David is the Executive Director.

Education: Graduated from Altoona Area High School

Tandi Rowe

Tandi is the Office Manager and Program Director....

Education: Graduated from East Juniata High School then received a certification in Radiologic Technology from Lancaster General School of Radiology.

Background: Tandi grew up at the Ranch but she just called it Gram & Pap's.  She currently lives in Richfield, PA with her husband, David, son Ty. Ty is in 11th grade and is homeschooling so that he can spend more time at the Ranch. Her elder son Zach has graduated from Miracle Mountain Ranch, where he studied the Bible and Horsemanship.  Zach is now living in South Texas and is working on a cattle ranch and hunting destinations.  When Zach and Ty first started school they attended Juniata Mennonite School. Tandi's desire to remain close to the boys led her to obtain her CDL License so she could drive school bus which she still currently does today. After she was done with her bus route, she remained involved in their daily lives and their friends lives by working in the office of JMS as the Secretary.

Looking back now and having accumulated all of these skills over the years, it is evident that God had been preparing her for this time in her life since the very beginning. She did not grow up going to church and feels her past has helped her to relate and understand the tough circumstances that many of our youth today are faced with that come to our camps. Having a medical background and knowledge has come in handy at the Ranch during the summer months with the bumps and dings the campers and also the staff inevitable are bound to get from time to time.  "Nurse" Tandi is always right there with a big smile and warm hug in the times of need!

Favorite Scripture: Psalm 91:4 - He will cover you with His feathers and under His wings you will find refuge; His faithfulness will be your shield and rampart.

"I am always in awe of God's faithfulness. My life has honestly been a "Hot Mess", but with God's Protection, faithfulness, and unending grace He has molded me into a new creation. I am so grateful that He has now called our family to this Ministry. I feel each step we have taken was to prepare us for such a time as this."

"May the Almighty cover this ministry and all whom it reaches gathered in to Him and shielded from the one who seeks to destroy it."

Fun Fact:  I love to create! Decorating is a passion and creating with my hands from crafts, candles, crocheting, all of it! LOVE IT! When I was 7 years old I entered into the horse world! For my birthday, I got a pony!!! ChettyBear or Chestnut and I were inseparable!