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Join Us in Prayer for Promise Ranch Ministries

At Promise Ranch Ministries, we rely on the power of prayer to guide and sustain our work. We invite you to partner with us in prayer, lifting up our needs and asking for God’s continued blessing and provision. Your prayers make a difference, and we are grateful for your support as we serve our community and fulfill our mission


Please pray for the safety of all staff, campers and volunteers this summer and for the protection of our ministry as we maneuver through today's world.


We are seeing a growing number of children who have never heard of the Bible or the Bible stories that we have grown up knowing (Creation, Noah's Ark, Jonah, Daniel and the Lion's Den). They have no understanding of God, Jesus, or the Bible.  Please be in prayer that their hearts would be opened to hearing, learning and accepting Christ as their savior.


We need grounds and maintenance help.

We are also in need of summer staff, including a camp store attendant and a media person to photograph and make videos during camps.

We need a full-time Horse Program Director.  We are praying for a husband and wife team to fill this need; a couple who can come along side of David and Tandi and help support and grow the ministry.


Pray that we meet our goals for the 2024 Scholarship program.  We awarded almost $14,000 in scholarships in 2023. Currently the scholarship fund for 2024 is at approximately $7000, half of what we were able to provide last season.  To date, PRM has never turned a child away for lack of ability to pay for a week of camp.


We are currently in the process of building a bath and shower house after nearly 9 years of using porta-potties. We have acquired many items needed for several restrooms and installed a new sewer system.  We are running a very tight budget on this project.  Please be in prayer that we will be able to cover all of the cost of this project.


Please be in prayer for our general operating fund.  Donors are so gracious to the scholarship fund and to project funds and we are ever so grateful.  However, without the daily funds to operate, we can't continue the ministry.  Should we hire a Horse Program Director, the costs will climb even higher.

At Promise Ranch Ministries, we deeply value the power of prayer in sustaining and guiding our mission. Your prayers are vital in helping us navigate challenges, embrace opportunities, and fulfill our commitment to serving our community. We humbly ask for your continued prayers for our leadership, programs, and those we serve. Thank you for your unwavering support and dedication to keeping PRM running strong. Together, through faith and prayer, we can make a profound impact.

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