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Camp Registration Process


Register by selecting a camp on the Summer Camp Page and pressing the button associated with that camp.

STEP #2: PAY YOUR BALANCE (: Cost is PER camper :

  • Early Registration Discount of $10 if Registration and Registration Fees are received by April 15.

  • $35 Registration Fee per Camp (Note: this is deducted from total camp fees.)

  • All Campers MUST Pay the Registration Fee regardless of qualifying for a discount or Scholarship.​

  • Scholarships: You may request a Scholarship in the designated section at the time of registration. You will be asked the reason for your request. Once your completed Registration and Registration Fees have been submitted, we will process your request. You will then receive an email with Your Awarded Scholarship Amount and Balance Due.

  • CAMP STORE ACCOUNT: Follow the Registration form and deposit in your camper's account.

  • Submit an online payment via credit card for total fees or partial payment. (Our system will not allow you to go back in and add to your balance. Balances will need to be mailed to Promise Ranch.)

  • Pay via Checks and money orders. Registration fees must be made payable to Promise Ranch Ministries and received by our Office Manager in order to secure your child's reservation.

    • Please mail to: Promise Ranch Ministries

Attention: Office Manager​​

Promise Ranch Ministries

106 Meadow Lane

McAlisterville, PA  17049

All Balances are due by the beginning of the first day of camp


For over 3 years, we've been partnering with Prison Fellowship's Angel Tree Program. Your child can qualify in one of three ways:

  • (1) Is your child an Angel Tree Child? (Have they received a Christmas gift from their incarcerated parent through Prison Fellowship Angel Tree.)

  • (2) Non-Angel Tree Child: Has a currently incarcerated parent and did not receive a Christmas gift through Prison Fellowship Angel Tree.

  • (3) Lives in the Same Household: Lives in the same household as an Angel Tree Child who is also attending camp.

Please send the completed form to our Office, and your camper will receive a $10 credit to the camp store!

  • Email it to OR

  • Mail it to Promise Ranch Ministries, Attention: Office Manager, 106 Meadow Lane, McAlisterville, PA 17049



Why won't the registration form allow me to complete it?

  • ALL QUESTIONS ON FORMS MARKED WITH A RED ASTERISK MUST BE COMPLETED! If they are not, our system will not allow you to complete the registration.


What should I do if I cannot remember the specific dates of my child’s most recent physical or shots for the Medical Form?

  • If you do not know the exact dates, please put the approximate month and year of your child's last physical. For shots, especially the most recent tetanus shot, approximate dates are also acceptable.


How do I know if my child is eligible for an Angel Tree Scholarship ($10 to use in the camp store)?

  • Your child is eligible for our Angel Tree Scholarship if they have a currently incarcerated parent or if they have a parent who was formerly incarcerated.


Why is the registration form asking me about payment? I am not ready to pay yet!

  • The form asks about payment to complete the registration process. Please select a payment option, and you will then be able to submit the registration. Payment can be made later.


Why haven't I received a confirmation email after submitting my child’s registration online?

  • After submitting the registration form, you should receive an automatically generated email. If you haven't received this email, please log in and check your registration status, as it might indicate incomplete registration. Your child’s spot is not guaranteed until registration is complete.


Once I receive the confirmation email that the online registration was submitted, what should I do next?

  • (1) Look out for an email letter with important information about your chosen camp.

  • (2) Use the attached Camper Packet, which includes:

    • a packing list

    • arrival and departure times

  • (3) Payment! Choose one of two ways:

    • Pay online: Via PayPal by entering your child's name and camp in the Memo section.

    • Mail it: Send a check or money order with your child’s name clearly printed in the memo line to Promise Ranch, Attention: Office Manager, 106 Meadow Lane, McAlisterville, PA 17049.


Any other unanswered registration questions?

  • Feel free to call Tandi (Office Manager/Registrar) at 717-463-0113.

Happy Registering!


Congratulations! You have completed steps 1, 2, and 3 to guarantee your child a reservation for this coming summer – thank you!

But you may still have questions... Here's what to expect next:

  • Pre-Camp Email: You will receive an email letter before camp with more information, including:

    • Theme Days

    • Arrival and Departure Times

    • Closing Program Information

    • What to Bring and What Not to Bring

  • Camper Info Packet: Confused about what your child needs to bring to camp? Check out our Camper Info Packet for a detailed list and helpful tips!

  • Medications: Does your child have medications they will bring to camp? Please print our Medications Form, fill it out, and send it with your child to camp. This will help save time during the registration process at camp!


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