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Black Friday Reflections: The Changing Seasons

Tonight, as I left the driveway, a surprise awaited me. Here in McAlisterville, the township had put up the Christmas lights! It's amazing how these lights, seemingly appearing overnight, signal the arrival of a new season - the Christmas season. As I drove past each utility pole, now bearing a bell, a candy cane, or a snowman, I couldn’t help but reflect on how quickly time passes and how seasons, both in weather and life, change before our eyes.

Today, on Black Friday, as many of us are caught in the rush of finding the perfect deal, these Christmas lights remind us to pause and embrace the season’s true essence. It's a time of joy, togetherness, and reflection.

This year at Promise Ranch Ministries, as we welcome the Christmas season, we also reflect on the year gone by. Each moment – from the laughter of children playing in our fields to the warm gatherings of our community – has been a precious part of our journey.

Amidst the Black Friday excitement, let's remember the true gifts of the coming season - love, kindness, and the joy of giving. These are gifts that don't come with price tags but are priceless in the happiness they bring.

As we look forward to the coming weeks leading to Christmas, let's embrace the spirit of giving in every action. Whether it's a kind word, a helping hand, or a shared smile, each gesture adds to the season's warmth.

As the Christmas lights twinkle in our town, reminding us of the season's magic, let’s step into this festive time with hearts full of gratitude and hope. Here’s to a season filled with love, laughter, and the making of new memories.

We'd love to hear from you - what are your favorite ways to celebrate the Christmas season? Share with us in the comments below!

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